Friday Eye Candy

My feet still hurt from all those hours at the National Stationery Show, and I’m really looking forward to the long holiday weekend. The Blissful One tells me she’s taking the afternoon off – well-deserved after dealing with the onslaught of national media at the Crane booth.

There was much for them to see, what with the new Walt Disney Signature Stationery launch, the adorable new Disney Initial Notes and the 2008 engraved holiday cards. But as we toured folks around the booth, there was one stop that always elicited an “Awww, they’re sooooo cute!”

Crane introduced a set of Cut Paper Animals last year in its baby stationery collection, and they were an enormous success. Debuting at the show were some notable additions, including a Panda, Sea Turtle and Giraffe. These three cuties join the rest of the collection, which features a butterfly, frog and monkey.

Enjoy your weekend!

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