Post Script: Kristen Magee, Paper Crave


Kristen Magee Paper CraveKristen Magee plays with paper. Every day. [Insert envious swoon here.] More than five years ago, the graphic designer and paper crafter launched Paper Crave, where she waxes poetic about all things stationery and shares drool-worthy images of cards, notebooks and anything else you can take a pen to. Here, the self-proclaimed owl and ‘80s music lover talks ditto machines, terrapins and what she might break out, should she decide to go a little crazy. Letter writing-wise, of course.

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Crane & Co. Heritage: Our Little Story

Presidential stationeryWe’re quite proud of our heritage here at Crane & Co. A family-owned company that started as a little paper mill in Massachusetts during the American Revolution. Paul Revere used our paper, Presidents galore have used it and the U.S. Government still uses it. Celebrities past and present (a proper paper company never tells), society’s creme de la creme, Fortune 500 companies — our paper makes a statement, which is why it’s so revered.

But one doesn’t have to possess a famous last name to appreciate the finest paper. On the contrary, one simply needs to recognize and appreciate the beauty of classic correspondence. Which is probably the case if you’re reading this.

And which is probably why you just might enjoy watching a little story about our heritage. Enjoy!