The Crane & Co. Enthusiast: A Profile

At Crane & Co., we spend a lot of time thinking about the type of person who enjoys (or would enjoy) our products. What does she look like? Where does he shop? What’s her favorite movie? Cocktail? Vacation spot? Does he like to cook? Row? Play the guitar?

What we decided was that, while loving Ella Fitzgerald isn’t a pre-requisite for loving Crane & Co., we definitely inspire a certain type of person. Someone who has an appreciation for the classic and the modern alike; who delights in the details; and who possesses – and we’re borrowing a favorite recent quote here —  “a discreet, low-key notion of luxury.”

That said, we’re honored to present you with…

The Crane & Co. Enthusiast: A Profile

But first, a few pertinent adjectives: Sophisticated, knowledgeable, fashion forward, witty, demure, whimsical, nostalgic, bespoke, worldly, loyal, confident, aspirational, charming.

Your charm: You remember your secretary’s birthday (and her son’s); you bring a bottle of your hostess’ favorite wine (she casually mentioned it months ago) to the dinner party; you don’t purchase from the registry – and the gift receipt is never used.

Your superlatives: A divine osso bucco; a proper martini; a sidesplitting joke; a witty comeback; a stellar tailor recommendation; a perfectly folded fitted sheet; an ability to don a fedora without jest; a winning poker hand.

Your fancy: A pastry box tied with yellow ribbon; gin & tonics; polka-dot lining on an expensive suit; Ella Fitzgerald; the crossword puzzle in the Sunday Times, but the magazine on the iPad; Crane & Co.

P.S. For visual inspiration of our Crane Enthusiast, please visit our Pinterest page.

3 thoughts on “The Crane & Co. Enthusiast: A Profile

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